Publiscience Vol. 2

About the Cover

The cover features an exploded view of the developed self-powered thermo-regulating insole. The insole is composed of different specialized subsystems capable of safely regulating the temperature of the foot while harvesting its mechanical energy upon impact to power itself without any external conventional power source. The developed prototype has vast implications upon fossil fuel burning and air-conditioning system usage reduction which may, one day, revolutionize the footwear industry and save the environment. Above all, however, the prototype serves as a model, as an inspiration, and as a reminder, that we have the power to empower ourselves too. Like the insole capable of supplying energy to itself by converting mechanical energy into thermal energy, the change for the betterment of our world we are looking lies in the untapped capabilities of our own inquisitive minds. We, ourselves, have the power to provide the advancements we are waiting for. There just needs to be a way of extracting these ideas, and there is no better way than the scientific method through research.